The Ship

You fly in a Stanley-10 Class ship. Initially designed for short planet-to-planet hops, it has been retrofitted to allow it to take longer trips around a solar system. Despite this, it would still require the help of a WarpHole to jump from one solar system to the next.

Designed for the transport of military supplies in Sarus, it is made up of two main storage holds, with 3 smaller holds linking the two. Linked on the mezzaine floor to the sides are crew quarters, with room for 10 crew. At the back are the engines and up front are the communal areas (mess, medical, gym etc) as well as the flight deck.

It is equipped with a shuttle craft for ship-to-ship human transport as well as cross-planet. It can comfortably seat 4 but could fit the entire crew if need be. It does double as a lifeboat in the case of abandoning ship.

In accordance with interplanetary law, the ship is not armed with offensive weapons, merely defensive tools, such as flares, anti-flak lasers and deflection shields.

The ship can flown by a single crewman if need be, but ideally a crew of 4 will keep it ticking over.

Captain, Pilot, Engineer, Medic, more roles can be filled as required.

The Ship

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