Sgt Benjamin Andrews (retd)

Ex-Imperial Navy Pilot.


Benjamin Andrews was a hot-shot pilot who was a serving Flight Sergeant in the Imperial Navy.

Andrews saved the lives of 14 civilians and 3 serving officers after a systems malfunction caused the failure of the engines in the ship he was flying, and his actions in crashing the plane on a dense forested area caused only severe injuries to a number of people. A large number of crew died and Andrews was pronounced unfit for duty, pending a psychiatric evaluation.

Over the time between the accident and his evaluation Ben had started drinking heavily and starting fights in bars as well as taking part in other risky endeavours. As a result, he was declared unfit for duty due to his recklessness and insubordinative tendencies. He was given an honourable discharge in light of his heroic act and began to drift around the galaxy, picking up work as a pilot that others considered too risky.

He met the Captain at a spaceport, where he had been fired for flanking an attacking pirate instead of shielding the ship he was meant to be escoritng (which was however successful in repelling the attack). Jumping at the chance to get another paid job without a background check, he signed on and has been flying with the crew ever since.

Sgt Benjamin Andrews (retd)

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