Welcome to The Dexus System.

Humanity has expanded outwards into the solar systems around us. So far we have colonised three Solar Systems, Sarus, Dexus and Thunus. Or at least attempted to. The terraforming of Thunus did not hold, its weakened red dwarf sun didn’t provide enough light for the new flora to take hold. But Sarus and Dexus, as well as Solar Prime, remain strong.

Hawth, the innermost planet in Deuxus. A hot, arid planet, comprised of two large continents, split only by a thin sea that runs around the equator. Furiously hot by day and freezing cold by night, Hawth is a planet only for the hardiest of settlers.

Life exists here clustered around several large mines, its sole saving grace the vast tracks of Thronium discovered beneath it’s crust. There is always work for transport ships willing to take the unrefined ore off-world.. The local mine bosses levy harsh taxes against all import/export and restrict all but the most basic supplies for their workers, but an enterprising crew can always find their way around that…

As the expansion progressed outwards, several new elements as well as varieties of flora have been discovered, but to date, no sentient alien lifeforms have been found.

The Dexus System

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